This Will Shakes, and Never Dissapear

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I am in the state of considering wheteher I will keep holding on, to spend my only time left with my goat or take the option of euthanasia. With the critical stage of thumb cancer that have been suffering all this long, euthanasia is the only option left for me to end this final chapter of my life.


Just kidding, thumb cancer? Really?

Speaking of euthanasia, what in the tapir's name is that?

Is this euthanasia?

According to, euthanasia is the intentional killing by act or omission of a dependent human being for his or her alleged benefit.So if death is not intended, it is not an act of euthanasia. Thus, some medical actions that are often labeled "passive euthanasia" are no form of euthanasia, since the intention to take life is lacking. These acts include not commencing treatment that would not provide a benefit to the patient, withdrawing treatment that has been shown to be ineffective, too burdensome or is unwanted, and the giving of high doses of pain-killers that may endanger life, when they have been shown to be necessary. All those are part of good medical practice, endorsed by law, when they are properly carried out.

In some source, euthanasia is painless killing, but for me, there are nothing in the world that are more painful than death. In fact, death by euthanasia, more painful than natural death. So I think, we might want to give them or ourselves, some mercy, in spending our life, enduring every last ache in our body, because it will erase our past sins.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Your Party Sucks Big Time!



"Ok...Take a deep breath, beacuse we're gonna have a PARTAYYYY!!!Yeahhh!!!"

"Arghhhh, yeaahhhh, wooooo, yeargghhhh......."

"Dude, seriously, stop yelling like a little bi**ch, it's freaking the hell out of me."

"Don't just stand there, we're gonna have a party, right?"

"Er, yeah of course, what do you mean when I said we're gonna have a party?"

"I mean, don't you want to plan, buy some things or what."

"Dude, no, how many time did I tell you, our party will be awesome if we host it on the spot, I mean tonight!!"

"Yeah, like we did last month, when our name appear in a local tabloid, "The Lamest Party Ever", when Katy Perry sing a song with a lyrics, "You're so douche, no you don't know how to hold a party", in newspaper's crossword, with a question "How Lame Your Party Can Be?", when they put up a billboard...."

"Stop it, I get it, so how?"

"Okay, here I will give you a guideline which I read somewhere on, about how to hold a party"

1. Plan your party carefully, you don't want your party to be ruined by your poor planning. Of course, you need to take every aspect into consideration.

2. Choose your guest wisely. Do not invite people who you're not get along with, people who have the potential to cause problem scene. I mean, you want to invite people who are friendly, hot girls(important!), your ex-girlfriends? Hm, maybe you can think of that, I mean, you have got over it right? But not your evil ex-girlfriends!!!

3. Think safety and security when choosing d├ęcor. Large flaming torches are fine if you have the space in which to -put them so they are safely away from your guests. Otherwise, opt for small candles. Remember that fire can be your worst enemy, so use safe ways to bring it to the party.

4. Think Outside of the Box. Do not do what you do every year. People may remember it just because it is routine. You want them to remember it because it is special. Make sure that you try out something new. Make sure you plan it, though. If you are used to throwing a hula party and then decide to go for something completely different make sure you know what you are doing.

5. Make Time to Mingle. You want to make sure that you get a chance to enjoy the party or in the end you could miss out on a wonderful time. People will remember if their host was attentive and mingled throughout the party. You want to be the host that can pull off the party and still be able to enjoy it.

You should be as unique and as creative as possible when setting up your party. However, you have to learn about balance. You do not want to go overboard so things are beyond your control. You want a memorable party and that is fine, but just make sure that you make it memorable for the right reasons. Keeping the tips above in mind should help you to reach your goal.

My Ideal Wedding..(Please).

In search of myself in present and future, I caught myself in planning my dream wedding.

owwwwww, I'm such a girl.

NOPE!, In my defense, it's always a girl or a boys- girl alike, taking step into this whole wonderful one hit wonder thing. There must be a true man take part in this, like it or not, we are in this.

I have seen many lame and imperfect wedding I could say. I mean, it's the day of their lives, how could they didn't want to be in a perfect wedding? Oh, I talk too much, figuratively. So how I would describe my dream ideal wedding?

Ok, for the solemnization, of course, it will be held at the nearest mosque...but here comes the best part. Ready? Watch your step because I'm here to drop some knowledge. We're gonna have only one wedding ceremony, combined with reception ceremony. Because we're gonna have it at Hawaii, at the beach, with only close friends and family.HAHAHAHA, so cool.

(I'm writing this, in semester break, so my English is going everywhere, I need to go to school)

P/S: This post have an heavy influence from "How I Met Your Mother" TV Series.
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